Intentional Parents, Resilient Partners

Intentional Parents, Resilient Partners

Keeping Your Love Alive After Childbirth


Providing a safe environment to explore the realities of what it means to keep your relationship alive

while embracing your new experience as parents. Each class will begin with a short talk providing a framework

for discussion. The bulk of the class will then focus on you and your partner interacting as a couple.

No embarrassing exercises but be prepared to spend some time observing your relationship in action.



Saturdays, September 3rd - October 1, 2016

5 weekly classes



Class Series Overview


Week One - Getting to know your partner as parent

We will take time to identify the personal transformations taking place as women ascending towards motherhood and as men ascending toward fatherhood. Discovering the nature of this transformation will be unique to each of us yet we remain responsible for communicating these changes to our partners. Models will be provided to assist us in sharing our new needs and desires in a spirit of inquiry.


Week Two - Be Curious not Furious

The art of listening requires an ability to put aside one's agenda, dig deep, and rediscover the innate curiosity that brought the two of you together in the first place. Taking care of your partner and self while in conflict requires a familiarity with the emotion of anger: how it rises and how it resolves. Everyone needs help to listen to things they don't want to hear.


Week Three - Making requests. Saying Yes. Saying No.

Being direct with our partner requires an emotional honesty that may not have been shown to us by our parents. We will learn a very simple process for making requests without using guilt, blame, or fear as a tool to get our way. Responding requires a mindfulness of our limits and of the situation at hand. Practicing how to stay connected even while asserting one's limits will be explored.

Week Four - Parenting the inner children in your home

The gift of parenting is that it allows us to re-parent our own selves. How might your partner givethemselves a “missed experience” through their interactions with your child? We will take a look at the missing experiences that rule how you form your parenting team.


Week Five - Your body and your love life

We will end our class with a chance to bring our new skills together. Being in touch with our senses, communicating our desires effectively to those we love, being curious about their response, accepting what is, and seeking new ways to experience connection...these skills will give common ground to the journey ahead.



When:  These 5-week sessions are held on Saturday afternoons, 4 - 5:30 pm.  Check our calendar for upcoming session dates

Where: South Bay Homebirth Collective  967 W Hedding St, Suite 110, San Jose, CA  95126

Taught by: Jonathan Bartlett, LMFT 

Cost: $225/per couple

For more info or to register: Visit here or call Jonathan @ 408-353-3791




967 W Hedding Ave, Suite 110  San Jose, CA  95126

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